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Stand with Uncle Paul and Uncle Pabai

Uncle Paul and Uncle Pabai are First Nations leaders from Guda Maluyligal in the Torres Strait. They’re taking the Federal Government to court over rising sea levels and climate harm to their Island homes.

Right now, the Uncles and their team are preparing to front court for the case’s final hearings. They are strong — but have asked for people across the country to join them in their fight for climate justice, because we are more powerful together.

So as the Uncles courageously put themselves forward, let’s rally behind them, and tell decision-makers that thousands of us are demanding stronger climate action.

‘Mura Kalmel Sipa’ means ‘Together We Stand’ in Kala Kawa Ya (KKY) language. From bushfires to floods and extreme heat, communities across the country are facing climate harm. Together we can demand solutions.

Can you pledge support for the Uncles’ fight?

A large group pf people standing in front of Australia's Parliament House holding a banner that says Mura Kalmel Sipa, Together we stand.

Sign the
Mura Kalmel Sipa Pledge

To members of the Albanese Government,

We stand in solidarity with Uncle Pabai and Uncle Paul in their fight for climate justice.

No matter what happens in their case, Australia must rapidly slash its emissions to protect the Torres Strait Islands, and all of the places we call home.

Mura Kalmel Sipa – Together We Stand.

Why pledge support?

The Uncles’ fight is all of our fight!

If the Uncles’ case wins, it would benefit us all. Here’s how:

  • The court could order the Federal Government to rapidly slash Australia’s climate pollution. A win could force the government to reduce emissions in line with the “best available science” — which is a 75% emissions cut this decade. The government is currently forecasting emissions will be 42% lower by 2030, which isn’t enough.
  • This would supercharge the transition to a clean economy. The Government would need to ramp up its climate ambition to meet the court order. This could look like massively scaling up renewables, accelerating the fossil fuel phase-out, creating good, green jobs, and modernising industries.
  • It could be used to stop new fossil fuel projects. A win would set a legal precedent that would mean activities that threaten the pathway to an emissions reduction goal — like new coal, oil, or gas projects — could be challenged in a court.
  • The Government could be compelled to protect people in the Torres Strait from climate impacts that are already happening. Climate change is already causing sea level rise and more frequent and intense storms in the Torres Strait, threatening homes, lives, and Culture. A win could force the government to invest in best-practice adaptation measures, laying out the pathway for climate adaptation across the country.
What will signing do?

By signing the pledge, you will be:

  • Making sure Uncle Pabai and Uncle Pabai know that thousands of people across the country stand with them. The Uncles are strong and unafraid, but taking on the Australian Government comes with risk — especially in the context of decades of climate wars, and conservative media attacks. Pledging your solidarity means showing support for the Uncles, and promising to keep fighting for climate justice alongside them, no matter what happens in the case.
  • Demonstrating to government decision-makers that the public supports rapidly cutting climate pollution. The more of us who unite behind The Uncles case, the louder the demand for rapid emissions reduction for the Torres Strait and all of our homes will be. Decision-makers are our elected representatives — so let’s make sure they know where we stand.

We’ll deliver the pledge to Uncle Pabai, Uncle Paul, and decision-makers in Canberra before the decision comes down.