Rising seas. Flooding. Severe storms.

The Torres Strait is the frontline of the climate crisis.

Pabai and Paul

The Australian Climate Case

We’re two Traditional Owners from Guda Maluyligal in the Torres Strait, and we’re taking the Australian government to court for failing to prevent climate change.

Our people have lived on these islands for thousands of years. But if the government doesn’t change course, our homes could disappear beneath the rising seas, making us Australia’s first climate change refugees.

We have a responsibility to protect Country and our communities – and we hope that by bringing this case we will help all Australians affected by climate change.

Take action

Right now, Uncle Pabai, Uncle Paul, and their team are preparing to front court at the case’s final hearings. Show your support!

I can’t imagine being forced to leave Boigu because this island is me and I am this island
- Uncle Pabai
Becoming climate refugees means losing everything: our homes, our culture, our stories and our identity. If you take away our homelands, we don’t know who we are.
- Uncle Paul
Weather patterns have changed, seasons have changed. It's affecting everything - our homes, our gardens, our sacred sites, our reefs. If something doesn't change quick then we'll be environmental refugees on our own islands.
- Uncle Paul
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Building on international success

In 2015, the Urgenda Foundation and 886 people took the Dutch government to court for not doing enough to prevent climate change – and won. The courts ordered the Dutch government to take immediate steps to cut greenhouse gas emissions.

Thanks to this groundbreaking legal action, the Netherlands now has some of the strongest climate policies in the world.

Photo of the team celebrating the Urgenda win

Backed by people from all over Australia

My brothers, I support you both in taking action to challenge Commonwealth government to court for failing to ensure island communities across Torres Strait aren’t harmed by climate change. You have the evidence to support your case. If late brother Eddie Mabo did it, you can do it too.


In the past few years my family has rationed water through years of drought, evacuated our home in catastrophic bushfires, and been flooded in 4 times. Thank you for standing up to the government. Climate change is here now, and Australians are all at risk. We urgently need action, and if your case is successful, it will help us all.


Thank you for taking the government to court over this! My family home was recently sold due to the fear of fire, and the potential inability to get insurance. A piece of my heart was taken when this happened. I am so angry at this crop of politicians, and I truly believe there needs to be a new legal label: ‘climate criminals’. Cases like yours are a first big step. ​


The broader community should be standing behind you in this action taken to support climate action before it is too late for future generations. Good on you Pabai and Paul. All the best.​


The Australian Government must take the looming climate crisis more seriously to prevent Torres Strait islands from being inundated by rising sea levels.


I stand with you in solidarity. Much respect for your court case against our Federal Government. You show much courage & strength. We need strong action to tackle the climate emergency we face.


Lets stay in touch

We’re taking the Commonwealth government to court to stop climate change destroying our island homes.

Climate change affects us all. Sign up and we’ll keep you up to date with the campaign – and how you can help us protect our communities from climate change.